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Texas Criminal Procedure, Second Edition

Amanda Peters


  • ISBN: 9781543807264

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  • Description

    Texas Criminal Procedure and Evidence comprehensively examines Texas statutory and common law criminal procedure topics. Each chapter includes practice questions, modeled after bar exam questions, to test the students’ understanding and application of the law. The book not only educates students on criminal procedure but also prepares them to take the Texas Criminal Procedure and Evidence portion of the Texas Bar Exam. Texas Criminal Procedure is designed not just for students but for their professors as well. The text and practice questions provide tools for formative and summative assessment. By using this text and the practice questions in class, outside of class, and on the final exam, professors may increase their students’ scores on the Texas Criminal Procedure and Evidence portion of the Texas Bar Exam. In the end, it is the author’s hope that this book will educate students on criminal procedure in Texas, prepare them for the Texas Bar Exam, and provide a legal, practical, and ethical foundation for students who ultimately decide to practice criminal law.

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  • Additional Product Details

    Publication Date: 12/20/2018
    Copyright: 2019
    Pages: 693
    Hardcover: 9781543807264

    Summary of Contents


    Chapter 1: Arrest
    Chapter 2: Search Warrants and Motions to Suppress Evidence
    Chapter 3: Warrantless Searches
    Chapter 4: Jurisdiction, Venue, and Charging Instruments
    Chapter 5: Bail
    Chapter 6: The Grand Jury and Examining Trials
    Chapter 7: Pretrial Matters
    Chapter 8: Plea Negotiations
    Chapter 9: Discovery
    Chapter 10: Statements
    Chapter 11: Jury Selection
    Chapter 12: Trial
    Chapter 13: Punishment
    Chapter 14: Post-Conviction Relief
    Chapter 15: Evidence

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