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PracticePerfect Torts

Joseph W. Glannon, Patrick Shin, Julie Steiner


  • ISBN: 9781543838305

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  • Description

    PracticePerfect Torts is a new visually engaging, interactive study aid to explain commonly encountered legal doctrines through easy-to-understand animated videos, illustrative examples, and numerous practice questions. Developed by a team of experts in the field of Torts, including Joseph W. Glannon, creator of the Glannon Guide series and author of the popular Examples & Explanations titles for Civil Procedure and Torts, as well as Associate Dean of Suffolk University Law School, Patrick Shin, and Julie Steiner, professor of law at Western New England School of Law. PracticePerfect for Torts is the ideal study companion for today’s law students.

  • Additional Product Details

    PracticePerfect comprises:

    • A Video Library that covers essential legal doctrine
    • Multiple-choice Quizzes that allow students to test their knowledge of core concepts
    • Progress Trackers to help students gauge their progress based on their quiz answers
    • Confidence Dashboard that indicates how well students know Tort Law

    Designed to work with all major casebooks, PracticePerfect is delivered through, the learning platform you already use to access your Wolters Kluwer casebooks.

    Students agree, "These videos helped me to better understand course concepts and hypotheticals."

    Table of Contents 

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    In this 30-minute webinar, learn how Professor Burch leveraged the videos and quizzes in PracticePerfect to engage her Civil Procedure students and improve their learning outcomes. Professor Burch will share insights about why she incorporated the PracticePerfect materials into her course, and why her students responded so positively.