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Tort Law in Focus

Geoffrey Rapp


  • ISBN: 9781543807820

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    Tort doctrine is complex and nuanced on its own; a torts casebook that mystifies first year students will not help them develop the core skill of legal analysis. Tort Law in Focus presents concepts in a way that students can understand and apply. Rather than hide the ball, Geoffrey Rapp explains new terms clearly, and guides students in the specific techniques of applying tort law to practice-based problems.  Along with concrete examples, Tort Law in Focus provides clear and thorough introductions to those areas of tort law (such as proximate cause under the dominant and new Restatement approaches; res ipsa; factual cause, including but-for cause and alternatives in special cases like indivisible injuries and alternative causes; the duty of owners and occupiers of land; and comparative negligence) that are especially challenging for first-year law students.  

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    Publication Date: 2/1/20
    Copyright Year: 2020 
    Pages: 850
    Print: 9781543807820

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  • Author Information

    Geoffrey Rapp

    Prof. Geoffrey Rapp is the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Harold A. Anderson Professor of Law and Values at the University of Toledo College of Law. In 2016, Prof. Rapp was one of three faculty members from across the University to receive the Outstanding Faculty Research and Scholarship Award. I

    Prof. Rapp teaches and writes in the areas of corporate law, torts, and the sports industry. His recent papers include publications in the North Carolina Law Review, Washington University Law Review, Georgia Law Review, Washington and Lee Law Review, BYU Law Review, and the Boston University Law Review.

    Prof. Rapp earned an A.B. Phi Beta Kappa in Economics from Harvard College (1998) and a J.D. from the Yale Law School (2001). Prior to teaching law, Prof. Rapp worked in private practice, and clerked for Judge Cornelia Kennedy of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

    Prof. Rapp is frequently interviewed and quoted by local, national, and international media, including National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, CBS Sports, The New York Times, USA Today, The San Francisco Chronicle, The LA Times, The New York Post, Business Week, Forbes, The Guardian (UK), The Toronto Star, Toronto’s National Post, BBC Radio, The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor,, The Toledo Blade, and The Washington Times.

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