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Crime and Criminology, Fifteenth Edition

Sue Titus Reid


  • ISBN: 9781454894469

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    Page Count 576
    Published 11/03/2017
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    Publication Date: 11/3/2017
    Publication Year: 2017
    Connected eBook + Print: 9781454894469
    Connected eBook: 9798886140521

    Detailed Table of Contents (PDF Download) 

    Summary of Contents


    Part I Introduction to the Study of Crime and Criminology
    1. Crime, Criminal Law, and Criminology
    2. The Measurement of Crime and Its Impact

    Part II Explanations of Criminal Behavior
    3. Early Explanations of Criminal Behavior and Their Modern Counterparts
    4. Biological and Psychological Theories of Criminal Behavior
    5. Sociological Theories of Criminal Behavior I: The Social-Structural Approach
    6. Sociological Theories of Criminal Behavior II: The Social-Process Approach

    Part III Types of Crime
    7. Violent Crimes
    8. Property Crimes
    9. Business- and Government-Related Crimes
    10. Drug Abuse, Drug Trafficking, and Organized Crime

    Part IV Criminal Justice Systems
    11. U.S. Criminal Justice Systems
    12. Police
    13. Court Systems

    Part V Social Reaction to Crime: Corrections
    14. The Confinement of Offenders
    15. Corrections in the Community

    Appendix A Amendments to the U.S. Constitution
    Appendix B How to Read a Court Citation

    Case Index
    Name Index
    General Index
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  • Author Information

    Sue Titus Reid

    Sue Titus Reid, a professor in the Askew School of Public Administration and Policy has taught law students, graduate students, and undergraduate students in many states. In 2000 she received a university teaching award at Florida State University. She served on the board of the Midwest Sociological Society and the executive staff of the American Sociological Association. She has served as chairperson, associate dean, and dean. In 1985 she held the prestigious George Beto Chair in criminal justice at the Criminal Justice Center, Sam Houston State University, Hunstville, Texas.

    Dr. Reid is unique among authors in the criminal justice field because of her distinguished qualifications in both law and the social sciences. Her first major publication, Crime and Criminology, 1976, now in its fourteenth edition, has been widely adopted throughout the United States and in foreign countires. Dr. Reid's other titles include The Correctional System: An Introduction, and Criminal Law, eighth edition. She has contributed a chapter to the Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice, as well as to other books, in addition to publishing scholarly articles in both law and sociology. Dr. Reid's contributions to her profession have been widely recognized nationally and abroad. In 1982 the American Society of Criminology elected her a fellow ''for outstanding contributions to the field of Criminology.''

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