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Connected Quizzing Resources for Faculty

Connected Quizzing Resources for Faculty 

Here you'll find resources for Connected Quizzing.

How-to Video for Professors

CQ video image

We think you’ll find the Connected Quizzing experience intuitive, but take a couple minutes to watch our professor tutorial video so you can hit the ground running.View Now

Contact Quiz Concierge

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If you need help with anything related to Connected Quizzing, the Quiz Concierge is here to help. You can always click the Quiz Concierge button at the top right of your screen when you’re logged into Connected Quizzing as well.

Quiz Sample Results View

View CQ quiz results template

View a sample of Connected Quizzing results to see how they can be used.Download

Information for Syllabus

CQ syllabus image

Easy-to-share information for your students so they can get access to Connected Quizzing prior to your first quiz assignment. 

Simply copy/paste into your LMS or syllabus.

Student Quick Start Guide

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Download the student Quick Start Guide to share with your students and ensure easy access to your assignments.

Faculty Flyer

Connected Quizzing flyer

Learn about how you can use formative assessments and individualized feedback to improve student grades.

Student Flyer

Connected Quizzing flyer

Download the student handout for more helpful information for students.

Connected Quizzing FAQs

Connected Quizzing FAQs image

Find all the Frequently Asked Questions for CQ in one place.