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PracticePerfect Resources for Faculty

PracticePerfect Resources for Faculty 

Here you'll find resources for PracticePerfect.

Professor Note to Students

Practice Perfect faculty copy

Find out more, or inform your students, about the different ways to purchase PracticePerfect. This information can be added to your syllabus.Download

How to Incorporate PracticePerfect in Your Course

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There are a number of ways to use the videos, quizzes, and dashboards included in PracticePerfect. We encourage you to get creative! Click to see some of our recommendations.

How to Use PracticePerfect

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The most important steps for getting started with PracticePerfect. This will also be a helpful resource for your students.

Professor Quick Start Guide

Create classes that students can enroll in and gain insights on class performance, from an overview of topics down to individual quiz questions.

Tutorial Video

Practiceperfect video

Watch the detailed overview on how to use PracticePerfect.