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Corporate Bankruptcy and Financial Reorganization

Richard Squire


  • ISBN: 9781454875086

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    Page Count 696
    Published 09/29/2016
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    Detailed Table of Contents (PDF Download)

    Summary of Contents
    Chapter 1: The Theory of a Federal Law of Corporate Reorganization
    Chapter 2: Bonds, Present Value, and Expected Value
    Chapter 3: Reorganization without Bankruptcy? Workouts and Holdouts
    Chapter 4: Why Borrow at All?
    Chapter 5: Secured Debt
    Chapter 6: Senior Debt & Subordinated Debt
    Chapter 7: Absolute Priority and Company Valuation
    Chapter 8: Class Voting Under the Bankruptcy Code
    Chapter 9: Cramming Down Junior Claimants
    Chapter 10: Cramming Down Secured Creditors
    Chapter 11: Unfair Discrimination & Reinstatement
    Chapter 12: Post-Petition Interest in Chapter 11
    Chapter 13: Operating and Financing the Debtor in Possession
    Chapter 14: Supplying the Debtor in Possession
    Chapter 15: Unions and Chapter 11
    Chapter 16: Fraudulent-Transfer Disputes in Chapter 11
    Chapter 17: Leveraged Buyouts
    Chapter 18: Voidable Preferences
    Chapter 19: Equitable Subordination & Recharacterization of Debt
    Chapter 20: Consolidation and Securitization
    Chapter 21: Advanced Workout Topics
    Chapter 22: Going-Concern Sales Under Section 363: Judicial Resistance
    Chapter 23: Going-Concern Sales Under Section 363: The New Paradigm
    Chapter 24: Going-Concern Sales Under Section 363: Managerial Incentives
    Chapter 25: Distressed Financial Firms
    Chapter 26: Financial Contracts
    Table of Cases
    Table of Statutes
  • Author Information

    Richard Squire

    Richard Squire is a Professor of Law at Fordham University School of Law, where he has taught since 2006. In 2012-2013, he was Florence Rogatz Visiting Professor of Law at Yale Law School, and in Fall 2013 he was the Joseph F. Cunningham Visiting Professor of Commercial & Insurance Law at Columbia Law School.

    Professor Squire publishes primarily on the subjects of corporate law and corporate bankruptcy, and he has also written articles on antitrust and securities regulation. His articles have been published in the Harvard Law Review, Yale Law Journal, Stanford Law Review, University of Chicago Law Review, Duke Law Journal, and Northwestern University Law Review, among other journals. He is the only member of the Fordham faculty to be twice elected Fordham Law School's Teacher of the Year. He previously taught at Harvard College, where he won the Allyn Young Award for excellence in teaching principles of economics. After graduating from Harvard Law School, magna cum laude, in 2001, at which time he also received an MBA from Harvard Business School, he clerked for Judge Robert D. Sack on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, and then worked for several years as an associate with Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz in New York City.

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