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Learn how to survive and thrive in law school and beyond. Whether you're contemplating law school, starting your 1L year or an upper-class law student preparing for the Bar Exam, the team at Aspen Publishing is here to help you succeed. Below you'll find a library of content packed with practical tips and trusted resources to help you every step along the way of your law school journey.


Top 10 Tips to Study Smarter with a Connected eBook

By now, your professors have assigned casebooks for your classes. If a red print casebook is on your law school shopping list, chances are ... more


The Insider's Guide to Study Aids

With Labor Day on the horizon, some law schools are already in full swing while others will welcome students to campus soon to start classes and hit the books. Among students there is ... more


Law School Essentials 101

Being accepted to law school represents a major accomplishment. It also represents a big investment in terms of time - three more years of classes! - and study sweat equity. As a student, you ... more


Be Ready to Start Law School - Proactive Steps to Take Now to Succeed in the Fall.

Congratulations on your acceptance to law school. You’re about to embark on a unique learning experience, unlike anything you’ve encountered in the past. In addition to significant amounts of ... more


Your Law School Acceptance Has Arrived. Now What?

You've taken the LSATs, done your research, and applied to law school. If you're like most aspiring JDs, you've covered your bases with applications to reach, strike, and safety schools. ... more


Reboot for Second Semester Success in Law School

Welcome to the New Year returning law students! The holidays are over, grades are out, and soon you’ll be back on campus (if you’re not already) for second semester. No matter how you ... more


Finals Are Coming! Need Help with Outlining?

Law school wisdom says that your class outline will be your most effective tool when preparing for final exams. But, if you're like many students, you may be having trouble organizing your ... more


Master the Dos and Don'ts of Interviewing

Finals are on the horizon and you are likely looking forward to a well-deserved break between semesters. But, as always when striving to succeed in law school, you know planning ahead is essential. For ... more

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How to Ace Law School Midterms

While they can feel stressful, midterms should be viewed as a measuring stick for where you are in your understanding of legal analysis, and where you need to be by the final exam...... more


What Law Students Say About Connected eBooks, Plus Tips to Get the Most Out of Yours

As a law student, you know that the law itself is constantly evolving. New situations arise and new precedents are set. But, did you know that technology is changing the way that students ... more


Buckle Your Seat Belts Law School Finals Are Coming

Both midterms and spring break are in your rearview mirror. That means finals are on the road ahead. By now, you know what to expect. But that doesn't mean you know how to best prepare. ... more


Discover the Best Tools for Learning the Law

Law students know that to succeed in class they need to finish ahead of the curve. That means not only keeping up up with the reading, mastering the material and utilizing new skills like ... more


How to Ace Law School Finals

Finals are fast approaching and the stakes are high, as your exam score will be the most significant factor in your grade for the course. Not only do you have to know the material, but professors ... more

Need Help Briefing Cases for Law School? Find Out What You Need to Know

Your case briefs will be one of the building blocks for your course outline, one of your most important study tools ... more

• Barry Friedman and John Goldberg

I'm starting law school in the fall, what should I read before I start?

At about this time each year, future 1Ls might ask a friend, relatives or lawyer they happen to know:, "What should I read to prepare for law school." We have three answers: one that may ... more


No One Wants to Take the Bar Exam More Than Once

After three long years of law school, you're almost near the finish line. Congratulations on making it through a marathon of reading, briefing, and late nights studying. But you're not done yet, ... more


Hate Outlining? Tips to Stop Procrastinating and Get Going.

Most law students view outlining as a necessary evil - they hate doing it but know it's needed to produce an effective tool for preparing for final exams. Just the thought of having to ... more