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"I really like all the interactive features... Very easy to use and helpful to study."

1L Law Student

"I want to reiterate the helpfulness of your study center tools in learning difficult concepts."

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"The study center was very helpful, particularly in preparing for final exams."

1L Law Student

Did you know that some of the most trusted names in legal education—including Examples & Explanations, Emanuel Law Outlines, and Glannon Guides—are now available in digital-only formats? More than just an e-book, our Connected eBooks offer you practice questions in an exciting interactive format infused with meaningful feedback to help boost your efficiency so you can make the most of your study time.

Your digital study aid features an online e-book, interactive Study Center, and Outline Tool.

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Online E-book, Study Center, and Learning Tools

The online e-book is fully functional with search, highlighting, and note-taking capabilities.

Find pertinent information quickly in our law school study aids

Test your knowledge with practice questions in the Study Center, which tracks your progress and offers continual feedback on your understanding of complex ideas.

The Outline Tool compiles your e-book notes and highlights so they can be more easily added to your course outline.

An Outline Tool with your Law School Study Aids

Examples & Explanations

Examples & Explanations

The Examples & Explanations (E&E) series provides an alternative perspective to help you understand your casebook and in-class lectures. Helpful from the first day of class through the final exam, the E&E series has been ranked the most popular study guide among law students.

  • Clear Explanations cover each class topic, in a conversational, funny style.
  • Hypotheticals featured are similar to those presented in class, with corresponding analysis so you can use them during the semester to test your understanding, and again at exam time to help you review.
  • Comprehensive Coverage is tailored to work with ALL the major casebooks, and suits any class on a given topic.

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Glannon Guides

Glannon Guides

Glannon Guides can help you better understand your classroom lecture with straightforward explanations of tough concepts with hypos that help you understand their application.

  • Mirroring the Classroom Experience teaches through explanations, with hypotheticals interspersed to illustrate application.
  • Both Correct and Incorrect Answers are explained; you learn why a solution does or does not work.
  • Straightforward Explanations of complex legal concepts, often in a humorous style, makes material stick.

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Emanuel® Law Outlines

Emanuel® Law Outlines

Developed by legendary study guide author Steve Emanuel, Emanuel® Law Outlines (ELOs) are the #1 outline choice among law students.

ELOs help you focus on the concepts and issues you need to master to succeed on exams:

  • Easy to understand Each ELO contains comprehensive coverage of the topics, cases, and black letter law found in your specific casebook, but is explained in a way that is understandable.
  • Quiz Yourself and Essay Q&A features help you test your knowledge throughout the semester.
  • Exam Tips & Capsule Summaries provide a quick review of the key concepts covered in the full Outline - perfect for exam review!

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