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Civil Procedure: Doctrine, Practice, and Context, Sixth Edition

Stephen N. Subrin, Martha L. Minow, Mark S. Brodin, Thomas O. Main, Alexandra Lahav


  • ISBN: 9781543815603

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    Buy a new version of this textbook and receive access to the Connected eBook with Study Center on CasebookConnect, including: lifetime access to the online ebook with highlight, annotation, and search capabilities; practice questions from your favorite study aids; an outline tool and other helpful resources. Connected eBooks provide what you need most to be successful in your law school classes. Learn more about Connected eBooks.

    Written by respected scholars and experienced educators, this book showcases rules and doctrine of civil procedure at work in the actual practice of law. The procedural and nonprocedural aspects of the cases are framed to hold students’ interest: doctrines reflect the choices of policymakers and also present strategic options for litigators. Each chapter contains a well-written introduction, cases, and clear explanations of the doctrine, supported by review questions and comments which deepen students’ understanding and clarify key concepts. Offering more than forty well-crafted problems (both for class use and review), these practice exercises and review exercises help students solidify their understanding of the materials whether used in class or as out-of-class assignments. In-class exercises and simulations based on two sample case files are integrated throughout. Pleadings, memoranda, transcripts, exhibits, motions, and more – all taken from real cases – appear in the Appendix. Civil Procedure: Doctrine, Practice, and Context consistently emphasizes the skills and values of lawyering as it offers a consideration of social responsibility.

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    Publication Date: 2/1/20
    Copyright Year: 2020
    Pages: 1,312
    Connected eBook with Study Center + Print Book: 9781543815603
    Connected eBook with Study Center: 9781543822069
    eBook: 9781543820911

    Detailed Table of Contents (PDF Download)

  • Author Information

    Mark S. Brodin

    Mark S. Brodin is Professor of Law and former Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at Boston College Law School. A graduate of Columbia College and Columbia Law School (where he served on the Law Review), Professor Brodin clerked for United States District Judge Joseph L. Tauro from 1972 to 1974. He was Staff Counsel with the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law of the Boston Bar Association from 1974 to 1980, representing plaintiffs in civil rights actions including DeGrace v. Rumsfeld, 614 F. 2d 796 (1st Cir. 1980); N.A.A.C.P. Boston Chapter v. Harris, 607 F. 2d 514 (1st Cir. 1979); Harris v. White, 479 F. Supp. 996 (D. Mass. 1979); Cooke v. Sarni Original Dry Cleaners, 2 M.D.L.R. 1012 (1980), aff'd 388 Mass. 611 (1983) (trial counsel.)

    Professor Brodin has published extensively in the areas of employment discrimination, constitutional criminal procedure, evidence and litigation. He is the author of numerous law review articles and co-author of the Handbook of Massachusetts Evidence (Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Editions) with Paul J. Liacos and Michael Avery (Little, Brown/ Aspen., 2007); Criminal Procedure: The Constitution and the Police, Examples and Explanations (First thru Fifth Editions) with Robert M. Bloom (Aspen 2007); Civil Procedure: Doctrine, Practice and Context (First and Second Editions) (Aspen 2004) (with Steve Subrin, Martha Minow, & Thom Main).

    Professor Brodin has served for brief periods as an appellate attorney with the Massachusetts Defenders Committee (now the Committee for Public Counsel) and as a special assistant district attorney with the Norfolk County District Attorney.
    Professor Brodin was named BC Law's 2002-2003 Faculty Member of the Year by the Law Students Association, and given the Ruth-Arlene W. Howe Award from the Black Law Students’ Association in 2005 and 2006.

    Stephen N. Subrin

    Stephen Subrin is a professor of Law at Northeastern University. Before joining the Northeastern University faculty in 1970, Professor Subrin practiced civil litigation and labor law for seven years with the Boston firm of Burns & Levinson, where he became a partner in 1966. He has published extensively on civil procedure, with an emphasis on procedure reform, and the historical background of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

    Professor Subrin has taught Civil Procedure, Evidence, Complex Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Federal Courts and The Legal Imagination. He was reporter to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Standing Advisory Committee on Rules of Civil Procedure for 12 years and was consultant to the reporter on the Local Rules Project of the Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure of the Judicial Conference of the United States.

    Along with coauthoring Litigating in America, Professor Subrin is coauthor of a seminal casebook, Civil Procedure: Doctrine, Practice, and Context.

    Professor Subrin has taught Civil Procedure at Harvard Law School and Renmin University in Beijing, China, and Complex Litigation at Yale Law School. He has also taugh Introduction to the American Legal System at the Cornell Law School Paris Summer Institute.

    Alexandra Lahav

    Professor Lahav is Ellen Ash Peters Professor of Law at University of Connecticut. Her research focuses on procedural justice and the limits of due process in class actions and mass torts and explores the justifications for innovative procedures such as sampling in litigation. She is a co-author of the popular civil procedure casebook Civil Procedure: Doctrine, Practice, and Context (4th ed) and has taught courses in civil procedure, complex litigation and professional responsibility. She also serves as an editor on the Mass Tort Litigation Blog.

    Professor Lahav graduated from Harvard Law School and clerked for Justice Alan Handler of the New Jersey Supreme Court. She began her career as a litigator with a boutique civil rights firm in New York City, now called Emery, Celli, Brinckerhoff & Abady LLC. After practicing for several years, she was a teaching fellow at Stanford Law School. She has been a visiting professor at Columbia Law School, Fordham Law School and Tel Aviv University. In Fall 2013 she will be a visiting professor at Yale Law School.

    Martha L. Minow

    Martha L. Minow is Jeremiah Smith, Jr. Professor of Law at Harvard Law School.

    Thomas O. Main

    Professor Main is William S. Boyd Professor of Law at University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He is an expert in the field of domestic and international civil procedure with numerous publications including Civil Procedure: Doctrine, Practice, and Context (Aspen Publishers), a leading casebook in the field that is now in its third edition. A second book, Global Issues in Civil Procedure (West), is the first of a series of books intended to globalize the law school curriculum. In addition, he is co-authoring a book with Professor Stephen McCaffrey, Transnational Litigation in Comparative Perspective, to be published by Oxford University Press.
    Professor Main has taught domestic and international procedure courses at Pacific McGeorge since 2000, and has also taught as a visiting professor at law schools at Florida State University, Yeshiva University (Cardozo), UC Davis. and foreign law schools.
    Prior to his academic career, Professor Main was a litigator in the trial department at Hill & Barlow in Boston, Massachusetts, and was the Associate General Counsel at Platinum Equity. He clerked for Judge Ruggero J. Aldisert of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. Professor Main has been elected to the American Law Institute and the International Association of Procedura

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