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Updates and Commentary in Public International Law, 2019

Anastasia Telesetsky


  • ISBN: 9781543813708

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    Updates and Commentary in Public International Law, 2019, reviews developments in treaties and international institutions as well as normative developments in the field of international law during the past year. It offers excerpts from a selection of international legal sources and summaries of recent notable cases for an audience of researchers, students, and practitioners designed to quickly bring individuals up to speed with new developments in the field. Hot topics discussed include principles of customary international law, newly adopted multilateral treaties, developments in statehood, major international decisions, protection for human rights defenders, the Global Compact on Migration, proposals to enhance business responsibility around human rights, new cases on immunities, responses to accelerated global warming, and legal responsibility on artificial intelligence.

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    Detailed Table of Contents (PDF Download)

    Summary of Contents

    About the Author

    I. Introduction

    II. Sources of Law

    III. States

    IV. International Organizations

    V. International Disputes

    VI. Violations of Humanitarian Law

    VII. Human Rights

    VIII. Immunities

    IX. Emerging International Legal Issues