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Wills, Trusts, and Estates: The Essentials, Second Edition

Reid Kress Weisbord, David Horton, Stephen K. Urice


  • ISBN: 9781543824421

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    Wills, Trusts, and Estates: The Essentials (“Essentials”) offers a sleek and slender presentation of wealth transfer law for an introductory law school course. Written by widely recognized scholars in the field, this text comprehensively yet concisely covers the core legal principles that are tested on the bar exam and essential to a trusts and estates practice. For a fresh perspective, Essentials incorporates current events, lively cases, and engaging examples. It also enables students to maximize out-of-class preparation time by delivering information efficiently in a streamlined and straightforward way. Each chapter contains: (1) clearly explained summaries of each doctrine, (2) explanatory narration accompanying all relevant statutory authority, (3) thoroughly edited judicial opinions followed by analytical questions and answers, and (4) realistic problem sets designed for classroom instruction that illustrate and apply each concept.

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    Publication Date: 9/15/2020
    Copyright Year: 2021
    Pages: 724
    Connected eBook with Study Center + Print Book: 9781543824421 
    Connected eBook with Study Center: 9781543829297
    eBook: 9781543824438

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  • Author Information

    David Horton

    David Horton is Professor of Law and Chancellor’s Fellow at UC Davis. He teaches and writes in the areas of wills and trusts, arbitration law, and contracts. He has won the Association of American Law Schools’ Scholarly Paper Competition, the Mangano Dispute Resolution Achievement Award, and the Distinguished Teaching Award, and he has been elected as an Academic Fellow of the American College of Trusts and Estates Counsel. His work has appeared in the Yale Law Journal, Stanford Law Review, N.Y.U. Law Review, California Law Review, Northwestern University Law Review, Georgetown Law Journal, UCLA Law Review, Vanderbilt Law Review, Iowa Law Review, Notre Dame Law Review, Boston College Law Review, William & Mary Law Review, North Carolina Law Review, and University of Colorado Law Review.

    Reid Kress Weisbord

    Reid Kress Weisbord is Vice Dean, Professor of Law, and Judge Norma L. Shapiro Scholar at Rutgers Law School. He teaches and writes in several areas of law including wills and trusts, and nonprofit organizations. Weisbord is a recipient of the Greg Lastowka Memorial Award for Scholarly Excellence and the International Institute of Education Award for Outstanding Service. Weisbord’s work has appeared in the Vanderbilt Law Review, Iowa Law Review, Fordham Law Review, Boston University Law Review, Boston College Law Review, Florida Law Review, Tulane Law Review, Yale Law Journal Forum, Columbia Law Review Online, Cambridge University Press, and Oxford University Press.

    Stephen K. Urice

    Stephen K. Urice is a Professor of Law at the University of Miami School of Law where he teaches courses in Trusts & Estates, Elements of the Law, Art Law, Museum Law, and Cultural Property Law. He serves as a contributing author and advisor to the Aspen Institute’s Artist-Endowed Foundations Initiative and directs the arts Track for Miami Law's LL.M. in Entertainment, Arts, and Sports Law. His legal practice focused on estate planning and the law of tax-exempt organizations.

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