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Deconstructing Legal Analysis: A 1L Primer

Peter T. Wendel


  • ISBN: 9780735584754

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    Peter T. Wendel has taught academic success workshops at over thirty-five law schools throughout the country. In Deconstructing Legal Analysis: A 1L Primer, he provides a variety of time-tested techniques—including a unique model for visualizing legal analysis—to teach students how to think like lawyers and take law school exams.

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    Page Count 250
    Published 09/30/2009
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    Part I: Deconstructing Legal Analysis: Learning How to Think Like a Lawyer

    Chapter 1. Introduction
    Chapter 2. The Traditional “Darwinian” Approach
    Chapter 3. The Evolution of a Case from an Analytical Perspective
    Chapter 4. “Thinking Like a Lawyer”
    Chapter 5. Re-Analyzing Pierson v. Post
    Chapter 6. Briefing a Case from an Analytical Perspective
    Chapter 7. The “What If …” Game
    Chapter 8. Introspective Legal Analysis: Russian Dolls

    Part II: The Exam Taking Process

    Chapter 9. Complete the Circle: See the Big Picture
    Chapter 10. Writing Style: Write Like a Judge
    Chapter 11. How to “Analyze” an Issue: IRAC vs. IRRAC
    Chapter 12. The Circuitry Behind Issue Spotting
    Chapter 13. The Macro Organization of Your Exam Essay
    Chapter 14. Multiple Choice Questions: Mini-Essays
    Chapter 15. Post-Exam Blues: How to Self-Diagnose Your Exam Performance

    Part III: Time to Take Off the Training Wheels: Variations on the Legal Analysis Theme

    Chapter 16. Extrospective Legal Analysis: Case Synthesis
    Chapter 17. Legal Analysis and Statutory Construction

    Part IV: Conclusion

    Chapter 18. Miscellaneous Law School and Exam-Taking Tips