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Criminal Procedure: From the Courtroom to the Street, Second Edition

Roger Wright


  • ISBN: 9781543800210

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    Publication Date: 2019
    Copyright: 2/1/2019
    Pages: 320
    Paperback: 9781543800210

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    Summary of Contents

    Table of Contents
    About the Author

    Section I: Foundations of Criminal Procedure
    Chapter 1 Introduction to Criminal Procedure
    Chapter 2 The Appellate Process
    Chapter 3 The History and Development of Due Process
    Chapter 4 The Exclusionary Rule

    Section II: Search and Seizure
    Chapter 5 Search and Seizure of Persons
    Chapter 6 Stop and Frisk
    Chapter 7 Investigative Detentions and Searches
    Chapter 8 Search and Seizure of Evidence
    Chapter 9 Consent Searches
    Chapter 10 Vehicle Searches

    Section III: Self-Incrimination
    Chapter 11 The Spoken Word as Evidence
    Chapter 12 The Application of the Miranda Warnings
    Chapter 13 Identification Procedures

    Section IV: Constitutional Issues
    Chapter 14 The Right to Trial
    Chapter 15 Double Jeopardy
    Chapter 16 The Right to Counsel
    Chapter 17 Bail and Pretrial Detention
    Chapter 18 Sentencing and Punishment
    Chapter 19 The Death Penalty

    Legal Terminology List
    Table of Cases

  • Author Information

    Roger Wright

    Roger Wright is a Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Cincinnati. He earned his Juris Doctorate from Chase College of Law and his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Memphis State University. He has also attended law school at Oxford University in England. Prior to coming to UC in 1984, he was a law partner with Walter and Wright. He has also served as a police officer in Memphis, Tennessee and has additional experience in juvenile corrections. Professor Wright is primarily responsible for legal courses such as Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure. He also teaches Police Community Relations and Managing Conflict and Assaultive Behavior. Professor Wright also serves as the mentor for the doctoral teaching assistants and adjuncts who teach undergraduate courses. He has provided training and promotional exams for many local law enforcement agencies. He has received the the University College Teaching Award and most recently was honored at the University of Cincinnati Order of Omega Professor of the Year. He also plays guitar like a madman.

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