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Digital innovation for law school courses and exams.

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Connected eBooks

The digital learning solution that combines your print casebook with access to a suite of online content and tools at no additional cost.

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Connected Quizzing

The formative assessment solution that improves learning outcomes with high quality content and powerful reporting.

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Digital Bookshelf

All-in-one solution designed to give students the resources they need to enhance learning, promote better outcomes, and receive meaningful feedback.

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Aspen Publishing produces high quality, pedagogically rich, market-leading textbooks covering every discipline in law.

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Civil Procedure Book Cover

Civil Procedure, Eleventh Edition 

Stephen C. Yeazell, Joanna C. Schwartz, Maureen Carroll

Updated personal jurisdiction chapter with streamlined opinion excerpts and additional cases reflecting the Supreme Court’s most recent decisions and cutting-edge jurisdictional questions.

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Evidence Law Cove

Evidence Law: Practice, Problems, and Policy

Laurie L. Levenson, Hon. Brian M. Hoffstadt

Straightforward and accessible casebook creates a foundation for most students to learn and apply, both in litigation and transactional practices, federal and state evidence laws.

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Policing Beyond Coercion: A New Idea for a Twenty-First Century Mandate

Policing Beyond Coercion: A New Idea for a Twenty-First Century Mandate

Robert J. Kane

Using powerful narrative, Kane describes police subculture, use of force, discretion, recruitment, and accountability and then demonstrates how a protection of life mandate can help policing adapt itself to remain a crucial public institution in a post-George Floyd world.

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Sustainable Corporations

Sustainable Corporations

Alan R. Palmiter

Palmiter uses an approach that offers synthesized readings from law, management, philosophy, psychology, sociology, even biology – written by academics, journalists, business people, poets, bloggers, scientists, even religious leaders. 

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