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Work in the Digital Age: A Coursebook on Labor, Technology, and Regulation

Miriam A. Cherry


  • ISBN: 9781454899006

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    The first of its kind, this coursebook examines the work of the future. Work in the Digital Age: A Coursebook on Labor, Technology, and Regulation focuses on certain technologies: the platform economy and gig work, big data and people analytics, gamification, artificial intelligence and algorithmic management, blockchain technology, drones, and 3D printing.  The book provides perspectives on these new and emerging technologies from employers, unions, individual workers, national courts and governments, and international organizations.  Altogether, the book questions whether current systems of labor and employment regulation are adequate and appropriate to respond to these new technologies.  Finally, the book examines potential policy solutions to technological unemployment including universal basic income, shorter hours, and job guarantees.  The best way to shape the future of work is to create the policy changes that we wish to see now, and this book provides a blueprint for thinking about a future of work that is productive, efficient, equitable, and sustainable.

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    Detailed Table of Contents (PDF Download)

    Publication Date: 2/1/2021
    Copyright Year: 2021
    Pages: 400
    Print: 9781454899006

    In this webinar, Professor Cherry will provide an update and summary of some of the most important developments in the area, which form three of the chapters in her new book, Work in a Digital Age. 

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    Miriam Cherry

    Miriam A. Cherry is a Professor of Law and Co-Director of the William C. Wefel Center for Employment Law at Saint Louis University School of Law. After graduation from law school, Professor Cherry clerked for Justice Roderick Ireland of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts and then for Judge Gerald Heaney of the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. In 2001, a transition to the private sector took Cherry to the Boston firm of Foley Hoag LLP, where she practiced corporate law with an emphasis on mergers and acquisitions, securities compliance filings, venture capital, and private debt financing. She was also associated with the firm of Berman, DeValerio & Pease, where she was involved in litigating several accounting fraud cases including those against former telecom giant WorldCom and Symbol Technologies, which resulted in a $139 million settlement. Cherry has been on the faculty or visited at a number of law schools, including the University of Georgia, University of the Pacific - McGeorge School of Law, and Cumberland School of Law. In 2008, she was elected a member of the American Law Institute. Professor Cherry's scholarship is interdisciplinary and focuses on the intersection of technology and globalization with business, contract, and employment law topics. In her recent work, Cherry analyzes crowdfunding, markets for corporate social responsibility, virtual work, and social entrepreneurship.

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