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PracticePerfect Constitutional Law I

Kathleen M. Burch, Steven D. Schwinn


  • ISBN: 9781543851991

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    PracticePerfect Constitutional Law I is a new visually engaging, interactive study aid that explains commonly encountered legal doctrines through easy-to-understand animated videos, illustrative examples, and numerous practice questions. Developed by a team of experts in the field of Constitutional Law, including Kathleen M. Burch, professor of law at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School, and Steven D. Schwinn, professor of law at the University of Illinois Chicago School of Law. PracticePerfect Constitutional Law I covers topics related to Constitutional Structure and is the ideal study companion for today’s law students. PracticePerfect Constitutional Law I incorporates videos and questions from the very latest Supreme Court Term, including a video and questions on West Virginia v. EPA, a critical case applying the Major Questions Doctrine.

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                  Introduction: What is a Constitution?

    Article I: Legislative Powers          

                  Commerce Clause

                  Congress's Taxing Power

                  Congress's Spending Power

                  Necessary and Proper Clause

                  Eleventh Amendment Restrictions on Congress's Power to Regulate the States

                  Tenth Amendment Limits on Congress's Power to Regulate the States

                  Supremacy Clause

    Article II: Executive Powers           

                  Executive Privilege

                  Impeachment and Presidential Immunity

                  Presentment Clause and Legislative Veto

                  President's Pardon Power

                  Removal Power and Recess Appointment Power

                  Limitions on Removal (for Cause Protections)

                  Executive Power: Foreign Affairs and the Youngstown Spectrum

                  Treaties and Executive Agreements

                  War Power

    Article III: Judicial Power

                  Judicial Review

                  Canons of Constitutional Construction

                  Justiciability (Advisory Opinions, Ripeness, and Mootness)

                  Constitutional Standing: Basic Requirements

                  Constitutional Standing: Special Topics

                  Prudential Standing

                  The Political Question Doctrine

                  Congressional Control over the Judiciary

    Limitations on State Powers           

                  Dormant Commerce Clause Facially Discriminatory State Action

                  Dormant Commerce Clause: Facially Neutral State Action

                  Dormant Commerce Clause: Exceptions

                  Privileges and Immunities: Article IV

                  State Action Doctrine

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