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Litigating in America: Civil Procedure in Context

Stephen N. Subrin, Margaret Y.K. Woo


  • ISBN: 9780735552661

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    Designed to introduce American civil litigation and process to a wide audience: foreign LL.M. students, beginning American law students, undergraduates interested in law, and foreign lawyers, judges, and law professors. This succinct new paperback Litigating in America: Civil Procedure in Context explains the institutional bases and legal meaning of our procedural system, and captures American civil process at a time of change. It presents American civil procedure from several vantage points: the procedural doctrine that has evolved over time; the practical implications of that doctrine; the social context in which the doctrine grew, is used and abused; and the global context of how other systems may have made different choices. It is an excellent supplement to any casebook.

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    Page Count 320
    Published 04/13/2006
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    1. The American Legal System: Distrust and Dispersing Power
    2. The Adversary System and the Legal Profession
    3. History of American Civil Procedure: Rule and Narrative, Law and Equity
    4. An American Civil Litigation from Beginning to End
    5. Divided Authorities: Jurisdiction, Venue, Notice, and Choice of Law
    6. Thinking Like an American Lawyer: Burdens of Proof, Pleadings, and a Lawyer¿s Obligation
    7. Discovery and Case Management
    8. Adjudication Without Trial: Dispositive Motions
    9. Joinder and Class Actions
    10. Public Adjudication, Private Resolution, and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Movement
    11. Trials and Juries
    12. The Quest for Finality: Preclusion, Appeals, and Enforcement of Judgments