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Literature and the Law

Thomas Morawetz


  • ISBN: 9780735562806

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    A unique book that explores the intersections of law and literature through engaging and entertaining stories, book chapters, poems, plays, and articles along with discussion topics, Literature and the Law is the only available book of its kind. This text covers a comprehensive variety of topics in law and literature utilizing shorter, thought-provoking, less canonical works of fiction from such authors as Herman Melville, Harper Lee, Agatha Christie, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Cynthia Ozick, Albert Camus, and more. This approach welcomes students to develop fresh ideas through exposure to writers and stories primarily new to them.

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    Page Count 624
    Published 06/07/2007
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    1. Fiction's Window on Law and Lawyers
    2. The Meanings of Law
    3. Freedom and Crime
    4. Criminal Minds
    5. Trial and Punishment
    6. Finding Meaning
    7. The Law of Literature