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Clear and Effective Legal Writing, Fifth Edition

Veda R. Charrow, Myra K. Erhardt, Robert P. Charrow


  • ISBN: 9781454830948

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    From synthesizing a case and writing a memo, to preparing a Supreme Court brief, CLEAR AND EFFECTIVE LEGAL WRITING offers complete coverage of legal reasoning and writing. Focusing on the memo and brief, the author team walks students through the process of writing, using realistic examples and actual court documents to illustrate the rules and concepts. A wealth of practice exercises that mirror the

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    Page Count 512
    Published 06/25/2013
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    Contents  xi
    Preface  xix
    Acknowledgements  xxi
    Introduction  xxiii

    Part I      Learning to Read Legal Materials  1
    1.   A Short History of Legal Language  3
    2.   Categories of Legal Writing  17
    3.   Sources of Law and Our System of Courts  21
    4.   The Litigation Process  31
    5.   Reading, Analyzing, and Briefing a Case  47
    6.   Synthesizing the Law from a Series of Cases  59
    Part II     Learning to Write Legal Documents  93
    7.  A Systematic Approach to Legal Writing  95
    8.  Understanding Your Context  99
    9.  Getting Organized  147
    10.  Writing Clearly  169
    11.  Writing Effectively  209
    12.  Reviewing and Editing  231

    Part III    Creating Specific Legal Documents  249
    13.  Writing an Intraoffice Memorandum  251
    14.  Writing a Memorandum of Points and Authorities  273
    15.  Writing an Appellate Brief  287

    Appendix A: An Overview of English Sentence Structure  391
    Appendix B: Formatting Legal Documents  453
    Index  465

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