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Experiential Legal Research: Sources, Strategies, and Citation

Diana Donahoe


  • ISBN: 9780735598355

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    Print publication based on the online legal research materials available at

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    Page Count 384
    Published 08/10/2011
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    Chapter 1 Research Sources

    Chapter 2 Research Strategies

    Chapter 3 Citation

    Chapter 4 Study Aids

    Appendix Table of Contents with Screen Numbers


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    Diana R. Donahoe

    Professor Donahoe is the former Director and Chair of Legal Research and Writing at Georgetown, where she has been teaching since 1993. Her courses have included Legal Research and Writing, Legal Practice (Section 3), Advanced Legal Writing in Practice, Applied Legal Composition, and Legal Discourse. In 2008, Professor Donahoe was awarded the Georgetown Frank Flegal Award for Excellence in Teaching.
    Diana has authored several articles on the pedagogy of using technology to teach as well as articles on Legal Research & Writing and Criminal Law. Her publications include, ''Skilled E-Scholars Click Their Way Up'' ''Researching Beyond the Books,'' '' Bridging the Digital Divide Between Professors and Students,'' '' 'Could Have,' 'Would Have,' What the Supreme Court Should Have Done in Whren v. United States,'' ''Fair Prosecution Challenges in Maryland: An Analysis and Proposal,'' and ''Analyzing the Writer's Analysis: Will It Be Clear to the Reader?''

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