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LL.M. Roadmap: An International Student's Guide to U.S. Law School Programs

George Edwards


  • ISBN: 9781454802396

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    Like an atlas, the LL.M. Roadmap: An International Student’s Guide to U.S. Law School Programs, provides a series of “roadmaps” to guide prospective LL.M. students through every step of their journey. From assessing your reasons to acquire an LL.M., to choosing an American law school, meeting financial and immigration challenges, and succeeding in law school and a career in law, the LL.M. Roadmap provides straightforward guidance, along with plenty of checklists and reference sources. In ten parts and 33 chapters, this valuable text offers a careful examination of every consideration and contingency for making important life decisions.

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    Page Count 624
    Published 09/19/2011
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    Summary of Contents

    Part I. Foreign Students Earning U.S. Law Degrees: What’s so special about U.S. Legal Education?

    Chapter 1. Globalization and the Need for Transnational Lawyers

    Chapter 2. Fifteen (15) Reasons to Get an LL.M. from the U.S.

    Chapter 3. “Types” or “Categories” of LL.M. Degree Program

    Chapter 4. LL.M. Specializations

    Chapter 5. U.S. and Foreign Legal Systems and Legal Education

    Part II. Choosing the “Best” U.S. Law School for You; Criteria for Choosing the “Best” LL.M. Program

    Chapter 6. Choosing the “best” U.S. Law School for You: Law School Ranking, Reputation, and Reality

    Chapter 7. Frequently Asked Questions: 175 Criteria for Choosing the “Best” U.S. LL.M. Program for You

    Part III. How to Get Admitted to the U.S. Law School and LL.M. Program You Choose

    Chapter 8. LL.M. Admissions Policies and Practices; U.S. Law School Mission Statements; Educational Agents; Cash Cows and Diploma Mills

    Chapter 9. Your LL.M. Program Application: How to Convince a U.S. Law School to Admit You

    Chapter 10. Personal Statements and Application Essays, Writing Samples, CVs and Resumes, and Personal Interviews

    Chapter 11. Recommendation or Referral Letters

    Chapter 12. Parlez Vous English? English Language Proficiency

    Chapter 13. Other Components of the LL.M. Application (Document Authentication & Verification; Scholarship Requests; Proof of Financial Resources)

    Part IV. Finally—You Are Admitted, Rejected, Put on Hold, or Waitlisted

    Chapter 14. Receiving the Law School’s E-Mail: You Are Admitted, Rejected, Put on Hold, or Waitlisted

    Chapter 15. Degree Requirements (Including Law School Exams, Assignments, and Exercises)

    Chapter 16. How Do They Teach at U.S. Law Schools?

    Chapter 17. Legal Research, Writing, and Communication

    Chapter 18. Writing an LL.M. Thesis

    Chapter 19. Extra-Curricular Activities and LL.M. Students

    Part V. Getting Student Visas; Immigration Issues

    Chapter 20. The Student Visa—High Hurdles?

    Chapter 21. Visa and Immigration Issues After Arrival in the U.S.

    Chapter 22. Working with Your Student Visa—On and Off Campus

    Part VI. How Do I Pay for my LL.M. Degree?

    Chapter 23. Paying for Your LL.M. (and Tips on Saving Money)

    Chapter 24. Scholarships, Grants, and Fellowships

    Chapter 25. Avoiding U.S.-Based Student Loans

    Part VII. Getting and Keeping a Job Post-LL.M.

    Chapter 26. Strategies for LL.M. Students and Graduates to Find Jobs and Keep Jobs They Already Have

    Chapter 27. Optional Practical Training (OPT) and Academic Training (AT)

    Chapter 28. Practicing Law in the U.S. with an LL.M. Degree—The Bar Exam and Other Hurdles

    Part VIII. U.S. Law Degrees Other than the LL.M.

    Chapter 29. JSD/SJD Degree

    Chapter 30. Juris Doctor (JD) Degree

    Chapter 31. Other U.S. Degrees and Non-Degree Opportunities for Foreign Lawyers

    Part IX. Legalities, Lifestyles, Leisure, and Adjusting

    Chapter 32. Obeying U.S. Law; Safety, Security, and Health

    Part X. Conclusion

    Chapter 33. Conclusion