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Pretrial Advocacy

J.C. Lore III, Reuben A. Guttman


  • ISBN: 9781601567697

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    Ninety percent of all civil cases never make it the jury; they are resolved through a pretrial process that is today the unsung forum for dispute resolution. Rather than teaching lawyers to abandon evidence and trial skills, Pretrial Advocacy does the opposite; it teaches lawyers that modern litigation is “front loaded” and cases must be prepared with the assumption that they will be tried. As the authors note, it is the rigor of the pretrial process that drives resolution. From the first client interview through motions practice, you will learn to effectively evaluate cases, draft complaints, conduct informal and formal discovery, prepare and respond to motions, negotiate with opposing counsel, and, if necessary, be ready for trial.  

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    Publication Date: 8/25/21 
    Copyright Year: 2021
    Pages: 350 
    Print: 9781601567697
    eBook: 9781601567703
    Advance praise for Pretrial Advocacy: 

    Pretrial Advocacy fills an important space for litigators. It teaches how to try cases from the moment a client contacts the lawyer through the trial, encouraging lawyers to engage in strategic decisions about pretrial discovery and motion practice. Why depose this witness rather than another? What is the purpose? What are the salient documents—not every single one, not just the few ‘gotcha’ documents, but those that build the narrative.” 

    Honorable Nancy Gertner  
    Retired Judge, U.S. District Ct., D. Mass. 
    Senior Lecturer, Harvard Law School 
    Managing Director, MGH Center for Law Brain & Behavior 


    Pretrial Advocacy offers knowledge and guidance to law students interested in civil litigation. This easy-to-read book covers all the major rules—as well as strategy and best practices. Recommended!” 

    Scott Dodson 
    James Edgar Hervey Chair in Litigation 
    Geoffrey C. Hazard Jr. Distinguished Professor of Law 
    Director, Center for Litigation and Courts 
    UC Hastings College of the Law 


    “Guttman and Lore have distilled decades of litigation experience into this manageable yet indispensable treatise. All too often lawyers fail to develop a litigation game plan at the outset of their case reflective of the relief the complaint purports to seek: a trial. Pretrial Advocacy instructs litigators on how to make sound decisions early on that will impact their readiness to bring a case to trial or relatedly to extract maximum value for their clients. This book should be in every serious litigator’s library.” 

                   Jerry Martin 
                    Former United States Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee 
                    Partner, Barrett Johnston Martin & Garrison, LLC