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What is the Aspen Learning Library?

"Excellent study aid products and very easy to use!"

The Aspen Learning Library enables law schools to provide their students with access to the most popular study materials on the market across most law school courses. Available through an institutional subscription, the Aspen Learning Library consists of digital study aids with full text search, note-taking, and highlighting capabilities, audio recordings, and video format learning experiences to enhance student understanding of difficult legal concepts.

"[Aspen Publishing] study aids were useful to grasp concepts."

The Aspen Learning Library contains 5 of the Top 10 Law School Study Aids in a National Jurist law student survey based on overall quality, value, and how likely law students would recommend them to others.

With the core Aspen Learning Library: Study Aids subscription, students can access valuable content from many popular series including:

• Examples & Explanations
• Emanuel Law Outlines
• Glannon Guides
• Casenote Legal Briefs
• Inside Series
• Friedman’s Practice Series
• Emanuel CrunchTime
• And many more!

Whether a student, administrator, or faculty member, the Aspen Learning Library has something for every individual at your institution:

Access study aids on Day 1 of class, promoting equity among law school students regardless of income or socioeconomic status. 

Watch over 200 videos with coverage of 21 course areas written and presented by a law professor or legal practitioner.

Use the text-to-speech reading capability for all ebooks.

Listen to audio recordings to study on-the-go or while multi-tasking around the house.

"The online study aid library has been a godsend for my legal education. I love the accessibility and the free aspect of the resources. The library has enabled me to get the grades I wanted."

Aspen Learning Library Success Stories

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The Aspen Learning Library:
a key resource for
student success in law school

Aspen Success Story cover with text overlay that reads, 'Maximizing the library's impact with student-centered resources from the Aspen Learning Library'

Maximizing the library's impact with student-centered resources from the Aspen Learning Library


Access the Aspen Learning Library Now!

Accessing A.L.L. Options 

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View options for accessing the Aspen Learning Library.

A.L.L. Librarian Resources

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Find resources such as user guides, materials you can print for your library, and more.

 The Aspen Learning Library also offers access to premium collections for additional learning material.

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Flashcards: SpacedRepetition — Law in a Flash

The popular flashcard series has been transformed into digital flashcards powered by an award-winning
platform that uses a unique algorithm to help students remember more of what they have learned.

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Academic Success

The Academic Success collection will help guide students through law school from the application process to orientation, and from the first year to graduation—including summer jobs, clerkships, and the bar exam.

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Bar Review

The Bar Review collection gives students the tools necessary to understand the steps involved in successful bar exam preparation. Throughout the collection they will find specific suggestions on how to study, along with practice questions to improve their skills in answering Multistate Bar Exam (MBE), essay, and performance test questions.

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Aspen Student Treatises cut through the clutter and help students focus on the essentials of each subject. Written to be used with any casebook, each treatise will give extra help on the most difficult aspects of the course from the first day of class right through exams.

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NITA Reference

The NITA Reference collection is uniquely positioned to help students bridge the gap between passing the bar and showing up to the first day as a new associate with relevant practice skills to build confidence and experience.

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