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Custom Publishing

Create the ideal text for your course, covering exactly what you want in the order you want.

It's easy with the Aspen Publishing Custom Program.

Sometimes a published casebook just doesn’t fit the bill. What if you could choose the exact content you need for your class while saving your students money? That’s where our service comes in.

With the Aspen Publishing Custom Program, you can:

  • Tailor your course content to your classroom needs while saving your students money.
  • Combine content from multiple sources, including sections from any of Aspen Publishing’s casebooks, textbooks, supplements, or study aids.
  • Organize the content based on the order you teach the course.
  • Include your own supplemental materials, key cases, or additional coverage on certain topics.
  • Remove sections of textbooks you don’t have time to cover.
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The resulting book is a beautiful, professionally bound textbook. You can even choose your own cover image and include your name on the cover if you want.

I’ve appreciated being able to select the material I want my students to focus on and to present it in the sequence that matches my teaching preferences. The custom casebook makes teaching easier for me and learning easier for my students.

I am delighted with the Criminal Procedure custom book I curated. I was able to seamlessly integrate a casebook with an emphasis on state law cases with one concerned mostly with Supreme Court cases. The personnel were easy to work with, timely, and responsive to my requests.

The staff have always been incredibly helpful in creating just the custom book I need to teach my course. It’s so easy and tailored to my needs that I haven’t used the regular book in years.

Custom publishing is a great solution for a first-year legal writing text. First year students are loathe to read material that is not directly relevant to their class or to pay for a textbook of which only a small portion is assigned. Custom publishing allows me to compile a book from among many terrific selections for reading that is all directly relevant to my class.

Ready to get started?  Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact your local Aspen Publishing Sales Rep and tell them you’re interested in a custom book for your course.
  2. Your rep will work with you to document which content you would like to use and deliver your project notes to our editor.
  3. We will process your project and communicate with you throughout.

Additional Information and Options

  • We require that at least 50 students/year will purchase your text in order for the project to be cost effective. 
  • You can choose to bundle your book with a Supplement and/or many of our popular Examples & Explanations books at a discount your students will appreciate.
  • You can choose to give your students access to (depending on the content you select) at no additional cost.
  • You can choose an e-book instead of a print book for your students if you prefer.

Want more information or ready to get started? Contact your Aspen Publishing Sales Representative today.