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The Interactive Study Companion for Law School

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PracticePerfect is a visually engaging, interactive study aid designed to help you review the core topics in your course and test your ability to recall and correctly apply the law. PracticePerfect contains a video library that explains course topics through hypotheticals, multiple-choice quizzes to test your knowledge, progress trackers to gauge your understanding based on quiz answers, and a unique confidence dashboard to let you know how confident you can be that you know your course area. Designed to work with all major casebooks, PracticePerfect is the ideal study companion for today's law students.

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PracticePerfect has been successfully implemented into multiple classrooms.

PracticePerfect is available for the following course areas:

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Statute of Frauds

Congress’s Spending Power

Executory Interests

PracticePerfect is the perfect complement to reading assignments and lectures.

PracticePerfect Video Library

Topic-specific Video Library
The video library gives you access to interactive videos that keep you engaged with hypothetical questions interspersed throughout, or “continuous play” videos to quickly refresh your knowledge on-the-go.

PracticePerfect Confidence Dashboard

Personalized Quiz Center
The Quiz Center features a comprehensive selection of multiple-choice quizzes that align with each video review. You have the option to build your own personalized quizzes, as well as take comparative quizzes to help prepare you for exams.

PracticePerfect Detailed Rationales

Detailed Rationales
Rationales are provided for each possible answer that explain why an option is correct or incorrect.

PracticePerfect Personalized Quiz Center

Confidence Dashboard
The confidence dashboard and other progress trackers allow you to measure your comprehension of course material by topic, by question, and by quiz.

PracticePerfect Success Stories

Aspen Success Story cover with text overlay that reads, 'PracticePerfect™ A valuable and Versatile Learning Tool for Students'.

A Valuable and Versatile

Learning Tool for Students

Aspen Success Story cover with text overlay that reads, 'Creating a blended learning environment with PracticePerfect™'.

Creating a blended learning environment with PracticePerfect™

Aspen Success Story cover with text overlay that reads, 'Helping students apply the rule of law to specific scenarios with PracticePerfect™'.

Helping students apply the rule of law to specific scenarios with PracticePerfect™


What Students Are Saying

“The PracticePerfect videos were required of one of my professors, but now that I know of them, I want them for every one of my future classes. The animations were useful to follow along with the video. It was very beneficial that the videos were more than just explanation and gave examples of real-world application as well.”

“The questions really got me thinking and I engaged with the material in a way that I wouldn’t have when studying on my own.”

“The quizzes following the video improved my recall of the information in class.”

“The videos were great for boiling down topics to help me understand them better. Quizzes were great for knowledge checking.”

“It was so helpful to watch the PracticePerfect videos before doing the reading so that I had a concept of what I was getting into beforehand. Definitely helped me succeed in Civil Procedure.”

“The animated videos and the multiple-choice questions really helped to better understand the material and then apply it.”