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Aspen Publishing wants you to excel in law school. Below are professor recommended and law student approved study aids like Examples & Explanations to help you understand the law, Casenote Legal Briefs that help you analyze case studies, and our How-to... Articles, a free resource answering common law student questions.

Casenote Legal Briefs

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In addition to your casebook, a Casenote Legal Brief is an important reference source to a law student for the entire semester. Expert case studies with analyses, definitions of legal terms, and more help you as you study and prepare for class discussion.

Examples and Explanations

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Recommended by professors, the Examples & Explanations (E&E) series can help you understand casebooks and in-class lectures from another perspective. Loaded with hypothetical questions to help you test your knowledge, the E&E series has been ranked the most popular study aid among law students.

Access Aspen Learning Library

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Access the Aspen Learning Library by downloading a device app or via any web browser.

A.L.L. User Guides

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Find user guides for the Aspen Learning Library so you can make the most out of your study time.

A.L.L. How-to Videos 

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View videos for each app platform on Youtube.

Connected eBook Quick Start Guide

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Find out how to optimize your study time with eBook features.

How-to... Articles

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Ever wondered how you're going to ace your midterms or how to interview for an internship or your first position? Find answers in our How To... Articles series, a free resource where we cover a variety of topics important to law students and provide tips for success.

PracticePerfect Resources

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Read FAQs or tips on getting started and watch a tutorial video, so you can get the most out of Aspen Publishing’s visually engaging, interactive study aid.

Connected Quizzing Student Resources

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View resources such as FAQs, quick start guides, and more.


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Find all the Frequently Asked Questions for Aspen Publishing products in one place.