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Persuasive Legal Writing, Fourth Edition

Louis J. Sirico, Jr., Nancy L. Schultz


  • ISBN: 9781454852049

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    Persuasive Legal Writing offers complete instruction, exercises, and examples to teach students how to frame and assert arguments. Starting with an introduction to classical rhetorical devices and the psychology of persuasion, the authors explore every aspect of persuasive writing, from structuring sentences and paragraphs to writing style, tone, storytelling, audience analysis, the ethics of argument, and citing authorities. This concise books features consistent emphasis on the three keys to persuasive writing: writing simply and clearly; arguing ethically; writing for the audience and offers information on how to use all parts of a brief to frame and assert an argument.

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    Page Count 240
    Published 01/20/2015
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    SUMMARY OF CONTENTS                                           

    Table of Contents                           


    Chapter 1.           A Brief Historical Perspective                     

    Chapter 2.           The Psychology of Persuasion                   

    Chapter 3.           Storytelling and Persuasion                        

    Chapter 4.           Storytelling and the Law                              

    Chapter 5.           Make Your Argument Clear and Credible             

    Chapter 6.           Write a Well-Organized Argument          

    Chapter 7.           Adopt a Persuasive Writing Style             

    Chapter 8.           Write Compelling Introductions

    Chapter 9.           State Your Facts Persuasively                    

    Chapter 10.         Use Authority Persuasively                        

    Chapter 11.         Make Equity and Policy Arguments         

    Chapter 12.         Use Graphs, Diagrams, and Photographs             

    Chapter 13.         Writing for Nonlegal Audiences                

    Chapter 14.         Writing for Legal Audiences                        

    Chapter 15.         Five Pitfalls in Persuasive Writing             

    Chapter 16.         Advocacy and Ethics      


    A.            Magic Words: Writing with Flair

    B.            Review Exercise