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Emanuel Law Outlines

Any law school graduate will tell you that when picking your outline tool you need to pick the best because your outlines are the most important study tool you will use throughout your law school career. Developed by legendary study aid author Steve Emanuel, Emanuel® Law Outlines (ELOs) are the #1 outline choice among law students.

“The Emanuel Law Outlines will not only help you create an outline, but will also help you study for exams.” ​

Jessica W., 2L Law Student

An ELO ensures that you understand the concepts as you learn them in class and helps you study for exams throughout the semester. Here's why you need an ELO from your first day of class right through your final exam:

  • ELOs help you focus on the concepts and issues you need to master to succeed on exams.
  • They are easy to understand: Each ELO contains comprehensive coverage of the topics, cases, and black letter law found in your specific casebook but is explained in a way that is understandable.
  • The Quiz Yourself and Essay Q&A features help you test your knowledge throughout the semester.
  • Exam Tips alert you to the issues and fact patterns that commonly pop up on exams.
  • The Capsule Summary provides a quick review of the key concepts covered in the full Outline—perfect for exam review!  

Emanuel Law in a Flash

Looking to quiz yourself and review important definitions, hypotheticals, and black letter law throughout the semester and at exam time? Emanuel® Law in a Flash cards are ideal for reviewing legal topics point by point during any time of the semester. Each card has a question on one side and a concise answer on the reverse side. Written with a witty, comical tone, Law in a Flash cards are your go-anywhere exam review partner.

“I am a commuter student so these cards are handy because they are portable; I can take them on the bus with me and feel like I am not wasting my time.”​

Carie M., 2L Law Student​
Emanuel® Law in a Flash brings prodigious content, accessibility, and speed to law school study:
  • The business card size of Emanuel® Law in a Flash makes it convenient to study anywhere.  
  • Quickly find cards on just topics you struggle with, or shuffle the whole deck together for a comprehensive review.
  • Diamonds on the top of certain cards identify what cards should be used for last minute prep to help you save time.

Emanuel CrunchTime

When it’s exam time you need the right information in the right format to study efficiently and effectively. Emanuel CrunchTime® is the perfect tool for exam studying. With flowcharts and capsule summaries of major points of law and critical issues, as well as exam tips for identifying common traps and pitfalls, sample exam and essay questions with model answers – you will be prepared for your next big test.

“I especially appreciated the flow charts with simple yes and no questions that demonstrated how to analyze any problem I could face in exams” 

Patricia W., 3L Law Student
Here's why you will need CrunchTime to help you ace your exams:
  • Perfect for the visual learner: The flow charts walk you through a series of yes/no questions that can be used to analyze any question on the exam.
  • Featured capsule summaries help you quickly review key concepts not just before the exam but throughout the semester
  • Exams Tips recap the most commonly tested issues and fact patterns.