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The Aspen Leading Edge Podcast

with Host Patty Roberts

The Aspen Leading Edge Podcast

The Aspen Leading Edge Podcast features timely interviews with Aspen Authors as well as other legal thought-leaders sharing expert opinions on teaching, learning science, and the current and future state of legal education.

About the Host

Patty Roberts, Dean of St. Mary's University School of Law, will discuss current challenges and innovations in legal education, and predictions for its future, in conversations with various leaders in legal education.

Roberts became the tenth dean of St. Mary’s School of Law on June 1, 2020. A legal educator for two decades, much of her career has been spent in clinical teaching, supervising law students in providing assistance to underserved members of the community.

Patricia Roberts - Host of the Aspen Leading Edge Podcast

Episode 3: Corporations and Climate Change with Alan Palmiter


01.24.23 Alan Palmiter discusses his new book Sustainable Corporations and touches upon the future relationship between corporations and climate change, and the role shareholders have. There is also a conversation on the importance of personal integrity, collaboration, and trust within corporations.

Episode 2: The Dobbs Decision and Constitutional Law with Geoffrey Stone, Leah Litman, and Aziz Huq

Huq, Litman, Stone

01.17.23 Geoffrey Stone, University of Chicago, Leah Litman, University of Michigan, and Aziz Huq, University of Chicago are co-authors of the upcoming Ninth Edition of their Constitutional Law casebook with Aspen Publishing. In this episode, they discuss the important coverage in their new edition, including the Dobbs decision, and Religion Clause. They also give their opinion on the leak of the Supreme Court’s draft about overruling Roe vs. Wade and what it means.

Episode 1: Free Speech in Our Law Schools with Erwin Chemerinsky

Erwin Chemerinsky

12.31.22 Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of Berkeley Law, and outgoing president of the Association of American Law Schools, talks about how he encourages free speech and inclusivity in his classroom, looks ahead to the 2023 AALS Conference, and reflects on his time as president.